BEST Experience Providers

For Experience Providers and Industry Partners

A strength of the BEST Program at MSU is that it creates the opportunity to build professional relationships between BEST Trainees and biomedical and biotechnology leaders in industry, government, non-profit, and other fields. Your industry and your organization benefit by investing in the talent your team needs: from working with students to show the promise and opportunities of your work, and to help them develop the skill-sets which would serve them well as future employees and colleagues. Students benefit from the specialized cross-training opportunities your organization can provide, to complement their academic and university training.

The NIH Broadening Experience in Scientific Training (BEST) program has funded 17 different universities around the country, many of whom are incorporating similar externship opportunities for their Ph.D. students and Post-Docs. It is likely that your industry colleagues may be participating, offering them an opportunity and competitive advantage in recruiting trained, skilled scientists to their organizations. We encourage you to enter into this network to share your expertise and become a partner with BEST.

As BEST Trainees prepare to graduate, they are bringing with them deep content knowledge in their particular area of expertise and broad skills in teamwork, communication, management, and other skills which will be useful in a variety of fields. BEST Partners can tap into this group of talented students by engaging in BEST and offering opportunities for students to engage in meaningful externship experiences in your organization during their academic training.

If you are interested in working with a BEST Trainee, please submit a request below: