Graduate Student Life

  • Graduate Student

    MSU has over 900 student organization. For a complete list of Student Organizations visit

  • Council of Graduate Students

    The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is dedicated to advancing the well-being and professional interests of graduate and professional students at Michigan State University through advocacy, leadership, and unity.

  • Grad School Office of Well-Being

    Graduate School Office of Well-Being collaborates with graduate students in their pursuit of their advanced degree and a well-balanced life.

  • Mental Health

    MSU has several offices and systems to provide students with the mental health support that they need.

  • Housing and
    Living in MI

    MSU has an on and off-campus housing site to help find the perfect place to stay.

  • Safety and Security

    MSU is committed to cultivating a safe and inclusive campus community characterized by a culture of safety and respect.

  • Health Insurance

    There is health insurance available for graduate student assistants and students in general at MSU.

  • International Students

    The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides support to Michigan State University’s international students, scholars and families.

  • Medical Withdrawal

    The Medical Leave and Return Process is an exceptional remedy to assist students experiencing medical issues who must take time away from academic enrollment.

  • Spouse and Family Resources

    Michigan State University recognizes that students with families have responsibilities that present challenges unique to this student parent population.


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