Graduate School's Strategic Plan

Graduate School Strategic Plan


We provide strategic leadership in graduate education that advances humanity and furthers knowledge to shape the future.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

We nurture and promote individuals’ varied experiences and ideas, assuring that structures and processes allow full participation by all members of our communities. These core values underpin our other values



We act with honesty, transparency, and accountability


We listen with open minds, respecting the diverse needs and aspirations of those we lead and serve


We strengthen relationships within our communities; working together to articulate and reach shared goals


We promote the highest standards in scholarship and outreach while adhering to ethical professional practice


We lead in the creation of inclusive cultures and innovative practices so that emerging scholars and professionals will thrive.


Goal 1: Student Success

We have provided nationally recognized programs and models for fostering students’ growth and well-being throughout their education. We will expand inclusive mentoring practices and catalyze continuous improvement across units to implement evidence-based practices.

Goal 2: Diverse and Inclusive Communities

We have provided programs and initiatives to support and enhance diversity. We will expand our campus and external partnerships to implement inclusive recruitment and retention practices.

Goal 3: Interconnectedness

We have actively collaborated with campus and external partners to innovate across all dimensions of graduate education. We will create and support networks that increase collaborations and improve educational opportunities. 


Graduate School - Illuminating the Path Forward

The world’s prosperity is tied to our ability to be innovative and creative, and to translate good ideas into solutions that advance our knowledge, improve the quality of life for individuals, build our economy, and strengthen our communities. Advanced degrees are central in securing this promise by unlocking the potential of today’s students to become tomorrow’s scholars, researchers, and professionals whose innovations and dedication will solve the intractable problems in need of new thinking and approaches.

Our strategic plan is the result of a dedicated group of campus leaders made up of faculty, students, a postdoc, staff, and administrators convening across many days for many hours to evaluate input from all across campus, informed by the views, experiences and values of our faculty, students, postdocs, staff and administrators. Dr. Alan Glassman facilitated this process by engaging campus communities and guiding the strategic planning steering committee made up of Kristi Bowman, Courtney Bryant, Andrea Doseff, Ashley Green, Chris Hogan, Kay Holekamp, Natalia Martin, Elijah Simmons, Eric Torng, Gwen Wittenbaum, Vilma Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan, and the Graduate School Team of Ryan Bixenmann, Rique Campa, Pero Dagbovie, Melissa Del Rio, Matt Helm, Thomas Jeitschko, Mark Lee, Melissa McDaniels, Tony Nunez, Mikala Rioux, Julie Rojewski, Judith Stoddart, and Steven Thomas.