Career Development

Need more help in identifying and developing your transferable skills? Use our PLAN YOUR WORK AND WORK YOUR PLAN: Essential Career Competencies document, featuring career interviews and suggestions on how to put your skills to work now.

Graduate Career Development

Part of the MSU Graduate School and the Career Services Network, Graduate Career Development provides a variety of online resources, as well as workshops and one-on-one advising, to support the many paths graduate students and postdocs choose to pursue, including careers in universities, government, industry, and non-profits. Our website contains sections on career exploration, preparing for a variety of career paths, and the job search – including résumé, cover letter, and interviewing tips – as well as career resources for international students and LGBTQ students, and information for employers and MSU graduate alumni. Visit:


MSU BEST is a professional development program for graduate students in biomedical science and engineering fields. Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), MSU BEST helps students better understand the possible career landscape and to develop the competencies and experiences needed to be competitive in seeking jobs in areas such as law, regulatory affairs, government agencies, private industry, entrepreneurship, and many others. The program includes one year of professional development workshops, seminars, panel discussions around careers, networking sessions, and other experiences to support career exploration. This competitive program also requires two “externships,” or short-term “internship” experiences to provide work experiences and exposure for BEST trainees to experience expanded career opportunities.

The PILOT Project

The purpose of PILOT is to broaden participating students’ experience in non-academic working environments, facilitate opportunities to share research with non-academic institutions, and curate conversations between community partners. This program creates a mutually beneficial relationship that allows graduate students and MDARD experts to share their expertise through collaboration.

Sharing Expertise and Exploring Knowledge (SEEK) Program

The Sharing Expertise and Exploring Knowledge (SEEK) program is designed for students who wish to discover ways to communicate knowledge to broader audiences.