BEST Trainees

What does BEST offer? Why get involved?

Participation in BEST offers biomedical graduate students and post-docs a unique opportunity to, as a complement to their academic and scientific training, develop a parallel set of skills and experiences which will position them for a wide variety of career options, including academic, government, industry, non-profit, law, and other fields. The job market for Ph.D.s in biomedical fields is dynamic and evolving rapidly in the 21st century, and employers from a variety of sectors are eager to hire well-trained scientists who also possesses skills in teamwork, communication, project management, other important facets of modern scientific work. MSU BEST offers this kind of professional development.

BEST also incorporates, in the second year and beyond, externship experiences to provide BEST trainees opportunities to engage in scientific work outside their own particular lab: these short-term or project-based experiences to enhance the lab experience and expose BEST trainees with experience in different contexts.

There are many organizations which are eager to engage with talented biomedical Ph.D students and post-docs, and BEST offers a simple way to enter into this international network while also building a cohort of colleagues from across campus and the region.

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Skills and Professional Development

MSU BEST offers a full year of professional development opportunities solely for BEST Trainees. These skills help you, as a graduate student or postdoctoral scientist, hone your self-efficacy in areas of wellness, communication, teamwork and other areas, but also gain exposure to leaders in different fields to develop a powerful professional network and clarify how best to pursue the scientific career which suits you.