a group of students in a labEarning a PhD in a biomedical science is an enormous achievement. The goal of MSU BEST, one of 17 BEST programs around the country funded by the National Institutes of Health, is to empower trainees to develop professional skills and experiences which will permit them to pursue careers that will be personally and professionally meaningful. At the beginning of a scientific career, it can be difficult to imagine the breadth of possibilities available now, and in the future: MSU BEST seeks to enhance trainees’ ability to develop the confidence and competencies useful in navigating and choosing from diverse career opportunities.

Many PhD students and post-docs in biomedical fields feel they are well prepared by their graduate training to pursue conventional academic research careers, but they are often eager to consider careers in industry, business, government, and other areas as well. MSU BEST was designed to address this need, and to build upon MSU Graduate School’s long history of supporting graduate students in a variety of careers goals. BEST offers student participants intensive and supportive mentoring, professional development experiences, and specialized professional experiences to enhance traditional Ph.D. training to help students develop the skills and experiences they will need to succeed in a variety of work environments.