Health-Related Undergraduate Student Research Supervisory Fellowship


Graduate students in health-related fields


This fellowship will provide a graduate student who is in a health-related field, the opportunity to gain experience working with students who are in an undergraduate student research program. The responsibilities in this fellowship will include working closely with College of Nursing faculty and their undergraduate students who work on different research studies and are engaged in multiple aspects of research. These aspects include study preparation, study implementation, data cleaning and analysis, and project dissemination.  The graduate student will provide supervision and oversight on various aspects of the research work of the undergraduate students.

The graduate student will be supervised by a nurse scientist. This fellowship involves a commitment of working 10  hours per week with College of Nursing faculty and undergraduate students.


  1. MSU graduate student in good standing, who will be enrolled the Fall of 2022 and Spring of 2023.
  2. Graduate student, preferably in a health-related program.

Application and Selection Process

Please submit your:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Statement (300 to 500 words) of why you are interested in this fellowship

To: Susan Buchholz, PhD, RN, FAANP, FAAN, Associate Dean for Research, College of Nursing


The deadline for submission is July 15, 2022.

Your submitted information will be reviewed by the nurse scientist who will be supervising this position, as well as potentially other faculty and team members.

Funding of the Award

The award amount for the Academic Year August 15, 2022 to May 15, 2023 is $10,000.

Note: If you have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, then you should be aware that receipt of a fellowship, scholarship or assistantship may reduce your eligibility for federal student loans.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at if you have questions. Unlike graduate assistantships, this fellowship does not provide student health insurance or tuition/fee waivers.