Certification in College Teaching - Mentored Teaching Project

A centerpiece of the Certification in College Teaching is the completion of a mentored teaching project. A mentored teaching project involves you asking a teaching and learning question, developing an instrument to collect the data to answer that question, collect the data in the context of a course at MSU (most people do not collect data in their own classrooms), and write up what you learned. Please use the Mentored Teaching Project Worksheet to develop and implement your Teaching Project. It is called a Mentored Teaching Project because you will do this under the supervision of a faculty mentor of your choice (does NOT have to be an advisor).

When you submit your final portfolio, you will submit the project report along with a Mentored Teaching Project Document (MTPD - Graduate Students) (MTPD - Postdocs).


Mentored Teaching Project Evaluation Rubric

Examples of Mentored Teaching Projects