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GTA Teaching & Learning Community (GTA TLC)

This Learning Community engages educators with evidence-based practices and pedagogy to teach in accessible and inclusive ways. Educators, including Graduate Teaching Assistants, Faculty and Staff share pedagogy, best practices, and holistic educator and student success strategies. This group strives to practice a culture of care and to build community and meets twice a month throughout the year.

GTAs and any teaching enthusiast can volunteer to present on topics and practices that are relevant to teaching undergraduate and graduate students and on identified needs in this space. Sample topics are Communicating about difficult topics, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Using High Impact Practices, Rethinking the Syllabus, Engaging Students using Zoom, Recognizing Mental Health challenges using Kognito, Metacognitive Strategies.

GTA Teaching & Learning Community Virtual Lunch and Learn Sessions and Workshops

June 3, 2024: Using CATME to create and manage collaboration in the classroom

Instructors use collaborative learning groups within the college classroom to help students reach a variety of different outcomes.  Matching individual students to specific groups and then monitoring their effectiveness over the course of the semester can be a time-consuming process.  Advances in team science research at Purdue University have led to the creation of one of the most popular pieces of software used by academics to help make this easier: CATME (  In this session, we will discuss setting up groups in CATME, training the students in collaboration, and then having them self-evaluate. 

Presenter: Seth Hunt