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January 20, 2021: Engaging Students Through Technology Tools

Teaching remotely requires new tools and platforms to engage students. In this session the GTA TLC will discuss technology tools such as Padlet, Kahoot, Zoom Annotate and Flipgrid. We invite everyone who wants to learn more about these tools or who has used these before to share best practices in implementing these engagement tools.   

Facilitated by:

Hima Rawal, Stefanie Baier and the GTA Teaching Learning Community (GTA TLC)


February 3, 2021: Making Learning Experiences High Impact

Michigan Universities are part of the Liberal Education and the American Promise Initiative which aims at empowering individuals in higher education to prepare students in dealing with complexity, diversity, and change. In this session we will learn how the 8 key elements of High Impact Practices can enhance your teaching to help students succeed.

Facilitated by Stefanie Baier, Curriculum Developer at the MSU Graduate School


February 17, 2021: Introduction to Undergraduate Mentoring

Many graduate students work very closely with undergraduates as instructors and often become their informal or formal mentors.  In this session we will discuss some ways of establishing a successful mentor-mentee relationship using boundaries, contracts, goal sheets and more. We invite everyone who is trying to learn more about UG mentoring as well as those who have established successful mentoring relationships to share their practices.

Facilitated by Stefanie Baier, Curriculum Development Director, Graduate School


March 3, 2021: Mindset & Empathy in the College Classroom

Although empathy and mindset are attracting attention among educators because of their potential to change students’ behaviors, how they learn, and how students and instructors relate to one another, they are often overlooked as instructors think about their teaching pedagogy and practices. During this session we will consider research and share stories, tools, and strategies that can be used to move empathy and mindset from the sidelines to the front and center of our work.

Facilitated by Mary Beth Heeder, Office of the Associate Provost of UG Education

Facilitator Bio:

All of the roles Mary Beth has held during her 39 years working at MSU are linked to her passion to help all students be successful as they navigate the exciting but often overwhelming college experience. Her current work in the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education focuses on faculty and student success, educator professional development, and strategic process improvement. In addition to her student success work, Mary Beth enjoys teaching; she has taught First Year Writing for the Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures Department.


March 17, 2021: Difficulties Students Face when Taking Classes Remotely

This session will be a conversation and discussion about challenges students face when taking classes remotely, as well as how these can be addressed successfully.  

Facilitated by the GTA Teaching & Learning Community (GTA TLC)


March 31, 2021: Metacognitive Strategies to Increase Student Learning

In this session we will be discussing a chapter from Saundra McGuire’s book “Teach Students How to Learn” book. You will receive the reading about a week in advance.

Facilitated by the GTA Teaching Learning Community


April 14, 2021: Applying Theories of Motivation in the Classroom  

As instructors we are always looking for ways to motivate students. In this session we are discussing how we can apply theories of motivation in our teaching to increase student engagement and enthusiasm about learning.

Facilitated by the GTA TLC


April 28, 2021: Rethinking Syllabi for Remote and In-person Classes  

Syllabi are considered the recipe for success for students. Therefore, it is important to be aware about using clear and inclusive syllabus language to help students of all backgrounds succeed, as well as to communicate expectations and a culture of care.

Facilitated by Hima Rawal, Stefanie Baier and the GTA Teaching & Learning Community