Graduate Teaching Assistant Teaching & Learning Community (GTA TLC)

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GTA Teaching & Learning Community (GTA TLC)

This Learning Community engages educators with evidence-based practices and pedagogy to teach in accessible and inclusive ways. Educators, including Graduate Teaching Assistants, Faculty and Staff share pedagogy, best practices, and holistic educator and student success strategies. This group strives to practice a culture of care and to build community and meets twice a month throughout the year.

GTAs and any teaching enthusiast can volunteer to present on topics and practices that are relevant to teaching undergraduate and graduate students and on identified needs in this space. Sample topics are Communicating about difficult topics, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Using High Impact Practices, Rethinking the Syllabus, Engaging Students using Zoom, Recognizing Mental Health challenges using Kognito, Metacognitive Strategies.

GTA Teaching & Learning Community Virtual Lunch and Learn Sessions and Workshops

February 21, 2024: Equity-Centered Trauma-Informed Education (12:00pm to 1:00pm)

Adopting trauma-informed pedagogy requires intentional efforts, planning, dialogues, and constant self-reflection to foster equitable environments where students feel seen, valued, and appreciated. In this session we will discuss six equity-centered trauma-informed principles from Alex Shevrin’s book Equity-Centered Trauma-Informed Education, including helpful tips and activities that can be adapted for any teaching context. Participants in this session will develop ideas to incorporate these principles in their own instructional and work setting. We welcome everyone with an open heart and mind to engage in cultivating tools to add to their equity-centered teaching toolbox. Attendees do not need to have read the book to join the session.

Presenters: Gloria Ashaolu and Dr. Hima Rawal

January 18, 2024: Transparency in Teaching and Learning (TILT) (11:00 am – noon)

Providing students with clear information about what to expect in a course and assignments provides equitable opportunities for college students and transparency and context for their learning. Research by Dr. May-Ann Winkelmas has shown that transparency in teaching not only helps students succeed in their individual courses but also increases student retention and overall success. In this session, we will discuss the TILT (Transparency in Teaching and Learning) framework and ways of making teaching and learning transparent for our students so that they can cultivate deeper interest in learning and reap the benefits of their hard work, especially those of underrepresented and first-generation status.

Facilitator: Dr. Stefanie Baier (Director, Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Instructional Development, MSU Graduate School

January 31, 2024: Motivation in the College Classrooms (12:00 - 1:00 pm)

As instructors we are always looking for ways to motivate students to complete readings and assignments, and to want to attend class. In this session, we are discussing how we can apply theories of motivation in our teaching to increase student engagement and enthusiasm about learning. By the end of this session, you will have some actionable strategies to better support your students’ motivation.

Facilitators: Dr. Stefanie Baier, Dr. Hima Rawal, and The GTA TLC