Graduate Teaching Assistant Program

Michigan State University is committed to partnering with graduate programs, faculty and the Graduate Employees Union to provide a wide variety of professional development experiences in support of all MSU graduate teaching assistants (GTAs). This effort is particularly crucial because it is the graduate teaching assistants at Michigan State that often provide undergraduate students with their first exposure to core courses in a wide variety of disciplines. As such, graduate teaching assistants play a crucial role in Michigan State University’s efforts to ensure academic success among the institution’s undergraduate population.

GTA Email Communication

Once you are a GTA or International GTA you will automatically be added to the GTA email list and periodically receive updates about ongoing professional development opportunities.

Professional Development Opportunities for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Professional development opportunities for Graduate Teaching Assistants have been organized with your GTA experience in mind. Opportunities include August orientation programs (New GTA Institute and International GTA Orientation) as well as some additional events. You can find the previous year's information about the two August orientation programs within both "First-Time GTA" sections and information about additional events in all three sections as relevant. Whether you are a first time GTA (domestic or international) or a returning GTA, we have events you will want to attend!

Please contact Dr. Stefanie Baier at with any questions regarding the Graduate Teaching Assistant Program.

Teaching Professional Development Workshops/Sessions Offered by Different Units in October 2021


Academic Integrity Promotion and Prevention

Promotion and Prevention 2.0: Understanding the Digital Landscape of Academic Integrity (October 1, 2021 (in person), 114 Bessey Hall @ Noon OR October 22, 2021 (virtual) @ Noon)

As the events of the last two years have required many instructors to move their courses to the online environment, many have paused to examine their practices around academic integrity. This presentation will explore the digital landscape of academic integrity including considerations for assessment security and cheating, as well as how university policy should be considered in these spaces.

To register, instructors may visit: Online Survey Software | Qualtrics Survey Solutions

#iteachmsu Ask Me Anything (AMA)

October 5, 2021 - Anne Baker, Designing eLearning Modules

October 15, 2021 - Megan Mikhail, Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellness

October 22, 2021 - Dustin De Felice, Ideas for Hyflex Classrooms
"Hyflex" = online & F2F classes running concurrently


Career Development Session

A Dynamic Career: What Grad Students Should Know, Friday, October 8, 2021, 10 a.m.-12:00pm EST

Facilitator: Dr. Joseph Byrum, Ph.D., MBA, PMP

Register here: Or here:


MSU IT Educational Technology Sessions

Show and Tell, Friday, Oct 8th, 10 a.m. – 11:15 p.m. ET

MSU is a community of educators and scholars, who engage in valuable, intriguing work and constantly innovate and experiment with new approaches and practices. The Show and Tell series is a space for them to share and reflect on teaching practices and how those practices have iteratively evolved.

Presentation 1 – Gamified Learning Techniques

Facilitator – Christopher Imler (MSU Extension)

Learn how to effectively incorporate an interactive quizzing tool into your lesson plans that enhance student involvement while providing an actionable evaluation.

Presentation 2 – Incorporating Library Resources

Facilitator – Jessica Sender (MSU Libraries)

Find out how the MSU library can help you find the best resources to incorporate into your courses. The library provides a prodigious amount of valuable resources, but it can sometimes be a challenge to navigate and understand the best ways to use and integrate them into courses and course sites while keeping an eye towards copyright and licensing. Register for Show and Tell


Zoom Basics,Tuesday, October 12th, 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET

Facilitator – Dr. Natalie Vandepol (MSU IT - Instructional Technology and Development Team)

This training covers the basic functions of Zoom and how to schedule, record, and share Zoom meetings. Discover the best practices for running a Zoom meeting, how to integrate with D2L, and much more. Register for Zoom Basics


Zoom Tools for Interaction and Engagement, Thursday, October 14th, 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET

Facilitator – Dr. Natalie Vandepol (MSU IT - Instructional Technology and Development Team)

Zoom has integrated features that help improve engagement, interaction, and communication in one-on-one or group Zoom meetings. This interactive demonstration workshop will cover enabling and using the whiteboard, annotating shared screens, creating polls, remote access, breakout rooms, and other recent updates to these features. Register for Zoom Tools for Interaction and Engagement


Conversation Not Presentation: Multimodal Course Facilitation and Non-traditional Course Structures, Friday, October 22nd, 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. ET


Facilitators: Dr. Dustin DeFelice (English Language Center), Dr. Cui Cheng (MSU IT - Instructional Technology and Development Team), & Dr. Scott Schopieray (Academic Research & Technology)

During this session, we would like to engage the MSU community in a discussion around different course delivery methods and how we have structured our courses to meet the needs of our students. If you had a chance to attend the Hyflex workshop from the College of Arts and Letters, then this is an excellent opportunity for a follow-up discussion. Register for Multimodal Couse Facilitation


Iteration Towards Innovation

Friday, October 22nd, 2 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. ET

Facilitators: Dr. Brittany Dillman, Dr. Liz Owens-Boltz, and Candace Robertson, College of Education

Join three educators from the College of Education as they talk about how they iterate to be more innovative and how innovation isn’t always a grand idea, but a good teaching and technology integration practice. They will share their iteration journeys with accessibility and D2L design and how they’ve iterated on their upgrading philosophy specifically. There will also be an opportunity for participants to engage with how they have iterated on their work. Register for Iteration Towards Innovation