AGEP Event Highlights

Press Releases

Calendar Year Press Releases Meeting Reminders

Mar 2018: MSU AGEP Community Discusses Advancing Science

Feb 2018: AGEP Community Engages with New Members

Dec 2017: AGEP Finishes the 2017 Fall Semester Strong

Nov 2017: AGEP Participants Network with MSU Faculty Panel

Oct 2017: 2017 AGEP Conference Attracts 100 Participants

Sep 2017: AGEP Kick-Starts the Fall 2017 Semester

MSU AGEP’s third annual trip to NSF

MSU Represents AGEP at ERN 2015

Michigan State University AGEP returns to Washington

October AGEP Learning Community Meeting Continues Momentum in Fall 2013

MSU hosts 2013 MI Fall AGEP Conference

First AGEP Learning Community Meeting for Fall 2013

MSU Welcomes Visiting Faculty Partners to form Educational Collaborations

Morehouse College and Spelman College Students Visit Campus to Learn About Graduate Programs at MSU

MSU AGEP Welcomes Morehouse and Spelman College Students

AGEP Explores U.S. Change in Happiness

MSU AGEP Sees Record Attendance




MSU AGEP Discusses If Children Who Get More Love Make For Better Adults

MSU AGEP Discusses If Children Who Get More Love Make For Better Adults

Conga Music Moves the AGEP Community

MSU AGEP Faculty Working Group Conference

Community Members Express Benefits of AGEP Involvement

NIH Associate Director Discusses Extramural National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Distinguished Faculty Visit MSU AGEP

MSU AGEP to Create Member - Led Bulletin

Special Visit - MSU AGEP Community Touts Participation Growth

Special Visit - MSU CAFFE Program Sponsors First Annual AGEP Washington DC Field Trip to NSF (Requires MSU VPN)