AGEP Scholar Award

AGEP Scholar Award

The Graduate School at MSU announces the availability of the AGEP Scholar Award in the amount of $2000. Award recipients in good standing will be eligible to apply each year. Students are only allowed to apply for one award in a year.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Eligibility begins in year two (2) of the Master’s or Doctoral Program.
  • A full-time graduate student in good standing in a STEM or SBE graduate program at MSU.
  • Demonstrated commitment to AGEP goals, and participation in the MSU AGEP Learning Community and Community activities for at least one (1) year before applying, including attendance of at least 3 Learning Community meetings within the current or previous academic year.
  • Has submitted a brief for the AGEP Science Today Bulletin: (requirement for Fall applications)
  • Be enrolled in at least one (1) graduate credit in the semester of the award.
  • Have not received an AGEP scholar award previously in the current academic or calendar year.
  • Note: each scholar is limited to a maximum of four (4) awards over their academic career at MSU.

Award Details:

  • Limit of $2,000/year (up to four (4) awards) with any possible combination of travel and professional development (including books, society memberships, software, laptops).
  • Awardees are able to apply for all other types of funding provided by The Graduate School at MSU.
  • A brief written summary of the activities supported by the award is required as well as a brief oral report to the MSU AGEP Learning Community.

Selection Criteria:

  • Current participation in the MSU AGEP Learning Community.
  • Merit of the proposed activities (including how it relates to preparing the candidate for the professoriate).
  • Letter of recommendation/nomination by the major research advisor.

Additional Award Materials:

  • Detailed proposal of professional travel and/or professional development activities to be supported by the award.
  • Detailed budget of how the award will be used.
  • A narrative (500-word limit) about the applicant’s participation in MSU AGEP Community activities.
  • Letter of recommendation from the faculty advisor or a pertinent faculty member.

The AGEP Scholar Award application process is only open September through October and January through February of the academic year.

AGEP Scholar Award application FS 23 (due October 16, 2023)

AGEP Scholar Award application SS 24 (due February 26, 2024)