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Welcome, Graduate and Professional Students!

Whether you're pursuing a master's, doctoral, or professional degree, graduate school can be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences you undertake. To help you navigate your way, the Office of Graduate Student Life & Wellness (GSLW) serves as a handbook to your well-being at MSU. 

“Well-being” and “wellness” can be reduced to buzzwords easily these days, but they can also describe the kind of foundation that is crucial for success academically, professionally, and personally. GSLW’s mission is to provide opportunities to build skills that help you address the challenges of graduate school that impact your well-being. We will help you find tools, resources, and programs to help you nor just survive but actually thrive while achieving your academic and professional goals.

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Upcoming Events

All events, programs, and workshops can be found on The Graduate School calendar:

About Us 

Graduate Student Life & Wellness is a collaborative effort to help support graduate students in the pursuit of their advanced degrees and well-balanced life. Click here to learn more about the vision of the GSLW office.

Well-Being Resources

Click here to learn more about specific resources available to you as graduate and professional students to help support you in your academic, professional, and personal success. 

Leadership Institute 

The Leadership Institute exists to support and develop graduate students to become dynamic leaders, strategically influencing their academic communities while at Michigan State who will make an indelible impact in their disciplines and fields in their future endeavors. Click here to learn more about opportunities for leadership development. 

Campus Partners

Graduate Student Life & Wellness programs, events, and resources are produced in collaboration with many offices to help support graduate students in their pursuit of an advanced degree and well-balanced life. Click here to learn more about our partners across campus. 

Graduate Student Lounge

Be sure to stop by the Graduate Student Lounge in the basement of Chittenden Hall. The lounge is open Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm, and it's a great spot for individual or group work. Click here to learn more.

Student Organizations

MSU has over 900 student organizations, many of them specifically for or inclusive of graduate and professional students. Click on this link and type “graduate students” into the search bar to see the list.


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