Graduate Student Life and Wellness

Welcome, Graduate Students!

Whether you're pursuing a masters, doctoral, or professional degree, graduate school can be one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding experiences you undertake in your life. To help you navigate your way, the Office of Graduate Student Life & Wellness and this website act as a handbook to graduate student well-being at Michigan State University.


We know that a lot of things have changed due to COVID, but we are still here for you! We wish we could meet you in person, but until it is safe to do so, we will always do our best to connect with you and support you remotely. This pandemic has created a lot of disruption, uncertainty and loss and all of us are in need of extra support these days.  Please reach out for help and encouragement, and take care of yourselves and each other. 


Here you will find tools, resources, and programs to not only help you succeed but even make gains in your health and wellness while you are here at Michigan State. Wellness can be a trendy topic these days, and we acknowledge that wellness looks very different depending on your cultural backgroud, personality, and life circumstances. What looks like wellness to one person may not be helpful or accessible or even possible to another. With these differences in mind, we affirm that It is important that we do our best to take care of ourselves and each other in the midst of such challening times.  

Program Spotlight

Counseling and Pyschiatric Services (CAPS) at MSU offers several support groups just for graduate students and many other that grad students are welcome to attend. Click here to learn more!

Upcoming Events

All events, programs, and workshops can be found on The Graduate School calendar:

Health & Wellness

Graduate Student Life & Wellness is a collaborative effort to help support graduate students in their pursuit of their advanced degree and a well-balanced life. Click here to learn more about the vision of the GSLW office.

Leadership & Wellness

The Leadership Institute exists to support and develop graduate students to become dynamic serving leaders, strategically influencing their academic communities while at Michigan State who will make an indelible impact in their disciplines and fields in their future endeavors. Click here to learn more about opportunities for leadership development. 

Graduate Student Lounge

At this time, our Lounge in Chittenden Hall is closed.  When campus opens up, however, it is a great place to study or relax and it's a good location for individual or group work. Click here to learn more.

Wellnes Resource for Grad Students

Wellness is the integration of all dimensions of health - occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and, emotional - and the awareness that all of these dimensions are interconnected. Click here to learn more about specific resources available to you as graduate students that can help you grow in wellness across these dimensions. 

Student Organizations

The 700-plus registered student organizations offer fun and friendly social and educational experiences related to academics, business, environmental interests, international topics, politics, racial and ethnic issues, religious groups, women’s interests, sports and leisure, and more. Click here to learn more.

Partners in Wellness

Graduate Student Life & Wellness programs, events, and resources are produced in collaboration between many offices to help support graduate students in their pursuit of an advanced degree and well-balanced life. Click here to learn more about our partners across campus. 


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