About Graduate Student Life & Wellness


The Office of Graduate Student Life & Wellness is committed to student well-being and believes it is a key foundation for academic, career, and life success.  In support of the academic mission of Michigan State University and in collaboration with campus partners and beyond, Graduate Student Life & Wellness works diligently to ensure that graduate students receive an engaged and holistic education, achieve their potential, and remain connected to the University.  With the goal of improved retention, productivity, creativity, and innovation in support of educational excellence, research, and community service, Graduate Student Life & Wellness advocates for graduate students and delivers guidance, academic support, services, programs, and resources that support graduate students as they invest in their academic work.

Specifically, Graduate Student Life & Wellness improves graduate student success by:

  • Facilitating connections to the Michigan State University community and strengthening student sense of belonging. 
  • Helping students understand and value health and wellness in all of its dimensions and developing attitudes and behaviors that support health and wellness.
  • Providing resources and support for health issues and concerns.
  • Preparing graduate students for future leadership roles within academic, public, private, community and other professional settings.
  • Enabling students to be productive and satisfied in pursuit of their academic and life goals.
  • Supporting the development of graduate students in their personal and professional lives by promoting versatility, excellence, and a true value in their future endeavors.
  • Consulting with faculty, staff, and administrators about career and professional development, wellness, and student health concerns in order to identify opportunities for growth.


In 2007, the Graduate School at Michigan State University introduced the graduate wellness by design initiative to systematically collaborate and investigate the various barriers that students encounter in pursuit of their advanced degrees. In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of graduate student health and wellness, key campus administrators were invited to participate on a graduate wellness by design committee. 

Using a logic-based approach, the committee assessed the current state of health and wellness at MSU, used institutional and national data to create programming specifics (structure, funding, and communications), implemented pilot programs, and evaluated and assessed their effectiveness.

Since 2007, Graduate Student Life and Wellness has developed into a robust and comprehensive office that addresses the diverse health and wellness needs of the MSU graduate student population. Our programs, events and workshops revolve around the six dimensions of wellness: intellectual, physical, occupational, emotional, social, and spiritual.

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