Graduate Teaching Assistant Program

Michigan State University is committed to partnering with graduate programs, faculty and the Graduate Employees Union to provide a wide variety of professional development experiences in support of all MSU graduate teaching assistants (GTAs). This effort is particularly crucial because it is the graduate teaching assistants at Michigan State that often provide undergraduate students with their first exposure to core courses in a wide variety of disciplines. As such, graduate teaching assistants play a crucial role in Michigan State University’s efforts to ensure academic success among the institution’s undergraduate population.

Professional Development Opportunities for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Professional development opportunities for Graduate Teaching Assistants have been organized with your GTA experience in mind. Opportunities include August orientation programs (New GTA Institute and International GTA Orientation) as well as some additional events. You can find information about the two August orientation programs within both "First-Time GTA" sections and information about additional events in all three sections as relevant. Whether you are a first time GTA (domestic or international) or a returning GTA, we have events you will want to attend!

Graduate Teaching Assistant Fall 2020 Virtual Training and Orientation 

  • International Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation, August 19, 2020 from 1:00 - 5:00 pm
  • New Graduate Teaching Assistant Institute, August 20, 2020 from 10:00 - 2:30 pm
  • Pedagogy Workshops (for any GTAs, new and returning), August 21, 2020, from 1:00 - 4:15 pm. 

Registration is now open for the 2020 Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation and Training. Register here:

For Detailed information of what will be covered click on the links below. Please contact Dr. Stefanie Baier at with any questions regarding the Graduate Teaching Assistant Program. 

Other events for Graduate Teaching Assistants

***Attention - New Session*** - Using Zoom for Successful Class Meetings

Many Graduate Teaching Assistants will be working with students in a virtual setting this coming fall. For that reason, we added this session to our GTA Training events. Stephen Thomas from MSU IT will run this session is for all GTAs who want to become familiar with Zoom tools available to them. Participants will learn how to set up Zoom meetings and interactive features to engage students in their classes.

Please join this meeting on Friday, August 21, 2020 from 11 am – Noon (Eastern Time Zone), by using this meeting link GTA Zoom Training

Or you may use:
Meeting ID: 997 9431 4984
Enter Passcode: GTAZoom

Teaching Toolkit Tailgate

Teaching Toolkit Tailgate  (TTT) is a "resource fair" aimed at connecting educators across campus with practice-oriented tools, activities, and resources. In the past, TTT has been an in-person event with rooms dedicated to particular themes and individuals stationed at tables with printed "cards". Given public health guidance related to Covid19 and group gatherings, we're shifting to some online opportunities instead!

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

MSU is a big place where a lot of individuals have unique experiences and perspectives. This year the #iteachmsu Teaching Toolkit Tailgate is aiming to connect you with those people! Throughout the end of August and September, you can visit the #iteachmsu Commons to ask questions of volunteer “Ask Me Anything” hosts. Throughout their AMA day, each host will be responding to questions posted to the Teaching Toolkit Tailgate group! Hosts are still signing up, so be sure to check back in for continued updates.

How to participate:

Please visit and login by clicking “login” in the upper right hand corner of the home page. You’ll use your MSU netID (the same information you would use to log in to D2L, Spartan Mail, EBS, etc.) to sign in as an official #iteachmsu Commons user! Once you’re logged in, you can type “teaching toolkit tailgate” in the search bar or click this link to access the Teaching Toolkit Tailgate Group. Each day, we’ll post a short bio of the AMA host along with their topic of the day, and you can share questions by posting to the group feed. AMA hosts will reply to your posts via comments! There is no registration required to participate in the Teaching Toolkit Tailgate, engage as often as you can!

For the most up to date AMA schedule visit this article!

#iteachmsu Ed Chat

Twitter Ed Chats provide opportunities to share resources, crowdsource ideas, and strategize ways to further improve teaching and learning. We will be engaging in a Twitter Chat as a part of the 2020 virtual Teaching Toolkit Tailgate (TTT) on August 20th from 12-1pm. To join the chat virtually, search for the hashtag “#iteachmsu” on Twitter. The prompts for this Ed Chat will be posted by the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology (@MSUHUB). More information on the chat is available at this Twitter Chat article.