For MSU Faculty

Advice from recent MSU SROP mentors

SROP student with Faculty Mentor

MSU SROP is a prime recruitment tool for MSU faculty, as it provides them with an opportunity to consider visiting undergraduate students as prospective graduate students and invite them to apply for graduate admission. MSU faculty also plays a very important role in assuring the overall success of MSU SROP.

MSU SROP also supports individual Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs on the MSU campus.

Faculty and researchers interested in participating as a SROP mentor or connecting REU programs with SROP, should contact the MSU SROP Program Director Steven D. Thomas by phone – (517) 432-3268 or fill out this form.


Call for Faculty Guests during the following 2019 SROP events:

  • College of Natural Science Luncheon (Tuesday July 9, 11:30 AM Brody)
  • Social Science Luncheon (Wednesday July 10, 11:00 AM Brody)
  • College of Agriculture Luncheon (Friday July 12, 11:30 AM Chittenden)
  • College of Communication Luncheon (Tuesday July 16, 11:30 AM Brody)
  • Closing PowerPoint Presentations (Monday July 22, 9am-4pm Brody)
  • Closing PowerPoint Presentations (Tuesday July 23, 9am-4pm Brody)
  • Closing Dinner (Thursday July 25, 6pm Big Ten C, Kellogg Center)

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