"MSIs serve students that matter to me. They matter to me because they're people." -Stephanie Aguilar-Smith, Doctoral Student, College of Education
Stephanie Aguilar-Smith is a doctoral student in the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education (HALE) program in the College of Education, also pursuing a certificate in Chicano/Latino Studies.
"Working for justice in one setting is working for justice everywhere." -Lucas Al-Zoughbi, Doctoral Student, College of Social Science
He grew up in the context of military occupation and now is motivated to work for justice especially in Palestine as he hopes to return after completing his studies.
Aishwarrya Deore
Each year, the Deloitte Foundation recognizes doctoral candidates from around the United States who are performing outstanding work with its Doctoral Fellowship Program.
"Businesses have so much power, I want to help in reshaping organizations to make the world a better place" -Jacob Bradburn, Doctoral Student, College of Social Science
While Jacob applied to multiple programs, when he came to visit MSU he saw researchers who loved what they did and was compelled by the scope of things Spartans were trying to research and accomplish.
"Thanks" spelled out in scrabble letters
Here are the winning entries from the GRADitude 2020 contest!
Jennifer Lai
“I hope that by demonstrating these techniques myself – reliable communications, following my gut, articulating the personal motivations for pursuing research – I can help normalize these practices... Read More
The Graduate School - Illuminating the Path Forward
See the Impact graduate students are having at MSU and beyond.
"I've lived all around the world teaching, like volunteering and I've decided that teaching is my passion. That's good to know- that I know I love teaching." -Alyssa Bulow Master's student College of Education
Getting to know individuals across the university is what has been rewarding for Alyssa throughout her graduate degree. Her advisor and faculty members are “encouraging, understanding, and flexible”.
"For me, [law] is not a career. It's how i define my duty on earth." -Kanza Khan, Juris Doctoral Student, College of Law
Despite her dedication to helping people understand one another and navigate social systems, she didn’t always want to attend law school.
"In the process of preparing, I fell in love with teaching..." -Dr. Kathleen "Kat" Mellano
“Someday I hope someone looks back on their experiences with me as a friend, teacher, colleague, and they say ‘yes she made a mark on my life in some way”.”