"I really appreciate MSU's and especially my departments' willingness to accept 'non-typical' grad students like me. I am very grateful to have gotten this chance to deepen my knowledge in the field I choose and to explore so many more. The guidance and experience the faculty can offer here is phenomenal!" -Leonie Hintze
Leonie Hintze is a graduate student in the College of Arts and Letters, studying German in a Master’s program.
"I aim to be a microphone for the voices of family members experiencing the criminal justice system." -Alison Cox
Alison imagines her work as helping the next generation of criminal justice system workers and criminological researchers to have a more empathetic and emotional response to their work.
"Teaching is how your recruit the researchers of the future" Dr. Ahrom Kim
Future Academic Scholars in Teaching (FAST) supported Ahrom’s love of teaching and helped her learn how to integrate scholarship into her practice to have an informed teaching approach.
"who wwe want to advocate for who we include in the discussion of minoritized groups - our vision can be broader. The U.S. is becoming much more diverse, so a lot of the issues we've had are becoming more complex than they used to be." -Dr. Yue Bian, Graduate of the College of Education
For Yue, the experience of being a doctoral student at MSU has immersed her in research which has, in turn, had her thinking more critically about her positionality.
"I believe that programs and the STEM community need to look at changing THEIR structure and culture in order to be more inclusive and accessible to the people they are trying to recruit." -Patricia (Paty) Jaimes, Doctoral Student, College of Natural Sciences
It is because of the Geocognition Research Laboratory (GRL) and the kind of work her advisor, Dr. Julie Libarkin, does there that prompted Paty to come to MSU.
"There is no way to navigate life without teaching people and if I can positively influence just one person I’d be happy with that.” -Natalia Pajares, Doctoral Student, College of Engineering
Natalia Pajares is a graduate student in the College of Engineering pursuing her doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering (CHEMS department)...
"Rhetoric is about communication, culture, context... All things that are also connected to emotional intelligence." -Erin Schaefer, Doctoral Student, College of Arts and Letters
"Having both a space and a set of colleagues and mentors to support me has been an incredible privilege."
"The relationships in a networked community who care about the work, you, and your well-being in the work is highly valuable." Dave Goodrich, Doctoral Student, College of Education
Dave is a full-time employee of MSU, working as a learning experience designer at the Hub for Innovation in Technology and Learning, in addition to being in the Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education (... Read More
"The world is moving and changing and I wanted to be a part of that change in a productive way." Ashley Moore, Doctoral Student, College of Education
Ashley is now studying Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education (CITE) in the College of Education at MSU.
"I believe if you feel that you're connected to your environment, you feel a sense of purpose, a sense of worth." Angel "Gelica" Forde, Doctoral Student, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Gelica is a doctoral student in the sustainable tourism and protected area management program in MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.