"Grad school is not just doing the work, but it's also this other separate journey of understanding, who you are and who you could be and who you want to be." -Tracy Melvin, Doctoral Student, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
"Most importantly, it gives you the time to realize it’s not about you, but what you can give back to the world around you."
"I really appreciate MSU's and especially my departments' willingness to accept 'non-typical' grad students like me. I am very grateful to have gotten this chance to deepen my knowledge in the field I choose and to explore so many more. The guidance and experience the faculty can offer here is phenomenal!" -Leonie Hintze
Leonie Hintze is a graduate student in the College of Arts and Letters, studying German in a Master’s program.
"I aim to be a microphone for the voices of family members experiencing the criminal justice system." -Alison Cox
Alison imagines her work as helping the next generation of criminal justice system workers and criminological researchers to have a more empathetic and emotional response to their work.
"Teaching is how your recruit the researchers of the future" Dr. Ahrom Kim
Future Academic Scholars in Teaching (FAST) supported Ahrom’s love of teaching and helped her learn how to integrate scholarship into her practice to have an informed teaching approach.
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Graduate School's Strategic Plan
We provide strategic leadership in graduate education that advances humanity and furthers knowledge to shape the future.
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AGEP Conference: Bringing Cutting Edge Classroom Research to Light
“From the Lab to the Classroom: Making Research Relevant” was the theme of this year’s Michigan AGEP (Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate) Fall Conference.
Dino Dash participants
As part of Graduate Student Life & Wellness's mission to help graduate students and postdocs manage their stress and live healthier lives, 70 students and postdocs were sponsored to run in... Read More
Percussion student takes honors across the globe
MSU grad student channels creativity, garners recognition through percussion instruments.