RCAH Fellows

The Residential College for Arts and Humanities at MSU collaborates with The Graduate School to sponsor three fellowship programs:

RCAH Graduate Fellows

The primary goals of the RCAH Graduate Fellowship Program in Undergraduate Teaching and Learning are to provide a diverse cohort of graduate students committed to a career in undergraduate education with professional development opportunities outside of regular classroom instruction; and to prepare Fellows to make meaningful contributions to the scholarship and/or design of teaching and learning in areas important to RCAH. RCAH Graduate Fellows will be encouraged and supported to disseminate project results in peer-reviewed journals and venues, at conferences, and year-end symposia.

RCAH Cultures and Languages across the Curriculum (CLAC) Fellowships

Graduate Fellows in the CLAC Fellowship Program focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning in interdisciplinary, translingual, and transcultural settings. Representing multiple MSU colleges, Graduate Language Fellows participate in different components of the RCAH’s Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) Program. Exploring pedagogical principles and practices of transformational teaching, Graduate Language Fellows may facilitate project-based language immersion sessions (Integrated Language Options) for RCAH undergraduates, collaborate with faculty to bring first-hand cultural insights about specific topics as guest speakers in RCAH courses, or create CLAC-related events for the wider community.

RCAH Arts and Community Engagement Fellowship Program

As a proven leader in the arts and community engagement, RCAH will be hosting a new Arts Living and Learning Community (LLC) beginning in fall 2023. The Arts LLC will serve as the heart of the arts at MSU over the coming years and seeks to fully integrate the arts into the MSU undergraduate experience by creating a non-curricular, living-learning community focusing on socially engaged arts. RCAH Arts and Community Engagement Graduate Fellows will provide support to ongoing community engagement projects and community partnerships, arts programming, and other non-curricular projects, including workshops, co-curricular programming, and access to the University’s extensive arts exhibitions and performances.

Learn more and apply here. Deadline is June 15, 2023.