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August 11 2022 August

Navigating the non-academic transition process: Envisioning your long term career development

In this seminar, we review the non-academic transition process of “discover-research-implement-build”, adopted from Beyond the Professoriate, and given special attention on experiences from our international student community and needs from The PILOT Project participants.
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Past Recordings

June 22 2022 June

Career Development beyond Academia: A discussion with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Four guest speakers from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) will share their experience transitioning from university and academic workplaces into non-academic careers. Each speaker will share how they applied the four stages of career transition (adopted from Beyond the Professoriate), including: discovery, research, implement and build. Participants will reflect on how to (1) discover their skills, strengths and values; (2) research careers and opportunities that align with these factors; (3) implement a tailored job search; and (4) how to continue building their career path after accepting a job.

July 14 2022 July

Develop your career metric: Values, skills and interests that filter your non-academic search

In this seminar, we will discuss how academics can build a list of criteria—a metric—by which to “know their options” and evaluate jobs that are the best fit according to their respective values, transferable skills, and interests.

July 21 2022 July

Doing the research: Applying your career metric to identify and attract non-academic opportunities

In this seminar, we will discuss how academics research and evaluate their non-academic career opportunities, translate their work for non-academic employers, and how to prepare materials to launch their career search.

July 28 2022 July

Putting research to practice: Focusing your job search and building your non-academic career

In this seminar, we review proven job search strategies that build on our work from the past two seminars on career metrics and research. We learn to conduct a laser-focused search and how to seek further advancement and growth after landing the job.