Education Opportunity Fellowship (EOF)

Applications must be renewed each year. Funds are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis for those who qualify until all funds are disbursed, so it is in your best interest to submit your application as soon as possible. You may submit your application to the Graduate School before your FAFSA is completed, but the FAFSA must be completed and on-file in the Office of Financial Aid by the April 15 due date for your application to be considered.

Due Date: April 15, 2022

Unlike graduate assistantships, this fellowship does not include student health insurance or tuition/fee waivers.
Click Here for Application FY 22-23 (pdf)

For Additional Information Contact:

The Graduate School
Michigan State University
466 West Circle Drive,
Chittenden Hall
East Lansing, Michigan 48824
Telephone: 517-353-3220


To be eligible for this fellowship, EOF applicants must:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident of the United States. (Preference will be given to State of Michigan residents).
  2. Demonstrate a need for financial assistance and have a minimum undergraduate federal indebtedness of $25,000, both as determined by the MSU Office of Financial Aid. Exact awards will vary depending on need and the availability of funds.
  3. Enroll in and earn six or more graduate credits per semester or three credits for the summer semester (if graduating in the summer semester). Failure to enroll for six or more graduate credits per semester (three credits for summer semester) will result in a termination of the EOF award for that semester.
  4. Meet the minimum academic standards of the university and make satisfactory academic progress as defined by the college, and the department/school in which the student is enrolled.
  5. Hold no full-time position during the time he/she/they is receiving this fellowship.
Due Date: 
Friday, April 15, 2022
Funding Amount: 
Total $3,000 ($1,500 in Fall and $1,500 in Spring)
Semester Due: 
Fall Semester