Certification in College Teaching - Competencies

The Certification in College Teaching is built around experiences in and demonstration of learning in five competency areas. The teaching eportfolio must address each competency, provide evidence of activities that fulfill each area, incorporate reflections that demonstrate your understanding of that competency, and describe how you will integrate the competency into your future teaching and professional development.

To complete the Certification in College Teaching, for each competency participants must demonstrate their ability to:

Core Competency 1: Developing Discipline-Related Teaching Strategies

    • Select appropriate pedagogical approaches to teaching threshold concepts and research methods specific to a disipline or field
      • Topics may include:
        • Design and facilitate learning of discipline-specific content
        • Instructional design
        • Plan course objectives
        • Teaching contexts: discussions, small groups, laboratories, lectures, recitations, office hours, tutoring 

Core Competency 2: Creating Effective Learning Environments

    • Cultivate effective learning environments by promoting student success and engagement and creating inclusive learning spaces
      • Topics that may be addressed include:
        • Learning Preferences
        • Diversity
        • Motivation
        • Communication skills
        • Active learning
        • Classroom management strategies
        • Inclusive Teaching Strategies
        • Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning

Core Competency 3: Incorporating Technology in Your Teaching

    • Incorporate digital technologies into teaching practices
      • Topics that may be addressed include:
        • Multimedia
        • Distance learning
        • Hybrid courses
        • Video technologies

Core Competency 4:  Understanding the University Context

    • Negotiate the college and/or university institutional environment (e.g., identify partners, resources, governance structures) to maximize their ability to cultivate student learning
      • Topics that may be addressed include:
        • Faculty rights, roles, and responsibilities
        • Teaching as research and professional development
        • Developing a professional teaching presence and plan

Core Competency 5:  Assessing Student Learning

    • Assess student learning outcomes using summative and/or formative approaches
      • Topics that may be addressed include:
        • Testing
        • Grading
        • Classroom assessment
        • Course Design
        • Portfolio assessment