Career Planning

PhD Job Club

A “job club,” also known as a job search club or a networking club, is a group of job seekers who work together to share resources, review each other’s resumes (and CVs, cover letters, etc), practice mock interviews, share job leads, and offer general encouragement, support, and advice about the job search. 


PREP (Planning, Resilience, Engagement, Professionalism) is MSU’s career and professional development model framed around four professional skills. It is designed to help you plan for a successful doctoral and postdoc experience and a smooth transition into your future in or beyond the academy. The PREP model is organized around our career matrix, which allows you to plan according to where you are in your program or job search. For more information, visit:

We offer a full calendar of workshops throughout the year around the PREP career stages and skills. For a yearly schedule, visit

PhD Career Services

Part of the MSU Graduate School and the Career Services Network, PhD Career Services provides a variety of online resources, as well as workshops and one-on-one advising, to support the many paths graduate students and postdocs choose to pursue, including careers in universities, government, industry, and non-profits. Our website contains sections on career exploration, preparing for a variety of career paths, and the job search – including résumé, cover letter, and interviewing tips – as well as career resources for international students and LGBTQ students, and information for employers and MSU PhD alumni. Visit:


MSU BEST is a professional development program for postdocs and Ph.D. students in biomedical science and engineering fields. Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), MSU BEST helps students better understand the possible career landscape for biomedical Ph.D.s, and to develop the competencies and experiences needed to be competitive in seeking jobs in areas such as law, regulatory affairs, government agencies, private industry, entrepreneurship, and many others. The program includes one year of professional development workshops, seminars, panel discussions around careers, networking sessions, and other experiences to support career exploration. This competitive program also requires two “externships,” or short-term “internship” experiences to provide work experiences and exposure for BEST trainees to experience expanded career opportunities.