2017-18 Graduate School Writing Fellows in the Disciplines

The Graduate School will again offer a professional development opportunity open to all advanced doctoral students in any field.  Graduate Writing Fellows in the Disciplines will complete a short (4-hour) training in the fall semester that will prepare them to facilitate working groups within their departments or programs.  These groups will provide a peer context for refining professional writing, setting and meeting specific writing goals, and working through drafts of proposals, dissertations, and articles.

See the announcement and the application for more information.  Writing Fellows will receive a $1000 fellowship award at the end of each semester.  Applications are due to the Graduate School by September 15, 2017. 

Last year’s fellows were from the colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Arts and Letters, Communication Arts and Sciences, Education, Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.  Successful writing group outcomes from that group included: 5 funded NSF and Fulbright grant proposals, 6 accepted journal articles,  7 dissertation proposals that were accepted without revision by advisors, and 9 students who completed their dissertations within 6 months after participating in the departmental writing groups. 

For more information contact Dr. Judith Stoddart, Interim Dean of the Graduate School (stoddart@grd.msu.edu).