Schrems West Michigan Trout Unlimited Graduate Fellowship

Fellowship opportunity for graduate students studying coldwater fisheries or streams as part of their thesis or dissertation.

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The Schrems West Michigan Trout Unlimited chapter was founded in 1962 because of the concerns for the health of Michigan's local streams and the wild trout that live in them. The chapter, since its beginning, has been involved with many activities from river clean-up, stream monitoring, bank erosion and its reconstruction, fish shocking, invertebrate studies and fly fishing clinics, along with the many concerns that effect the environment in today's society. Founded in 1959 in Grayling, Michigan, Trout Unlimited (TU) is America's leading coldwater fisheries conservation organization. TU's members are dedicated to the conservation, protection, and restoration of North America's trout and salmon and their watersheds.

Michigan State University graduate students are invited to apply for a Schrems West Michigan Trout Unlimited (SWMTU) Graduate Fellowship. Previous recipients can be found on the Schrems West Michigan Trout Unlimited (SWMTU) scholarship page.  The award is at least $5,000, administered by the MSU Graduate School. The goal of the fellowship is to engage MSU graduate students in conducting research that will have an impact on enhancing, protecting, and preserving Michigan’s coldwater fisheries and streams resources.


Applicants must be enrolled as a graduate student at MSU, in good standing, and working on coldwater fisheries or streams as part of their thesis or dissertation.  Additionally, the applicant must demonstrate a dedication to trout fishers and have excellent academic credentials, evidence of leadership abilities, the ability to communicate to the public, and to effectively solve problems.

Applicants will be asked to provide their major professor's/advisor's name and email. The Graduate School will contact that person and ask for a letter of support. Applicants are asked to submit their application with enough time to allow the major professor/advisor to submit their letter of support. Applications without a letter of support will not be reviewed.

Fellowship recipients are required to express acceptance and appreciation of the award in writing within two weeks of notification of the award. Additionaly, the recipient will be invited to the Schrems West Michigan Trout Unlimited chapter's banquet held in the Spring.

To apply, fill out and submit this form.

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Fall Semester