John A. Penner Fellowship in Hematology, Thrombosis, and Inflammation

The John A. Penner Fellowship in Hematology, Thrombosis, and Inflammation is administered by the College of Natural Science. The stipend for 2024-25 will be $35,000 which includes a standard graduate assistantship to cover health insurance and tuition waiver. For dual degree medical students that are required to pay block tuition (i. e., MD/PhD and DO/PhD), the allocation for the assistantship can be used toward their block tuition; remaining costs will need to be covered by their program or mentor.

Chairpersons of MSU Biological Science Departments are invited to nominate candidates for the pre-doctoral Rosenberg assistantship.

The nomination will consist of a cover sheet that collects general information on the nominee and queries whether the nominee is eligible for one or both awards. In addition, please provide the following for each candidate:

  • curriculum vitae (which includes a local mailing address and PID),
  • statement of past achievements,
  • current progress and future interests, and
  • two or more letters of recommendation, at least one of which attests to the nominee's teaching and service.

Please forward your nominations electronically to Estrella Starn at, by the due date.


The recipients of these awards should be advanced students who have shown a distinguished record of accomplishment at MSU. The quality of current and past recipients has been excellent, consistent with the aim of making this a particularly distinctive and prestigious award. The recipients of the Penner award will be the highest ranked nominees whose area of research is Hematology, Thrombosis, or Inflammation.

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Funding Amount: 
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Spring Semester