King-Chávez -Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program (FFF)

King-Chávez -Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program

Future Faculty Fellowship (FFF) Program



The KCP Future Faculty Fellowship Program (FFF) at Michigan State University (MSU) is funded by the State of Michigan’s Workforce Development Agency and the Graduate School at MSU. The ultimate goal of this fellowship is to increase the number of traditionally underrepresented doctoral degree graduates who enter academic careers in postsecondary education. Preference is not given to applicants on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, or national origin. Applications from minorities, women, people with disabilities, and individuals from cultural, linguistic, geographic, and socio-economic backgrounds who would otherwise not adequately be represented in the graduate student and faculty populations are encouraged to apply.

The program was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 1986 as part of the larger King-Chávez -Parks Initiative and was designed to stem the downward spiral of college graduation rates for students underrepresented in postsecondary education. Future Faculty Fellows are eligible to pursue a doctoral degree at the public universities in Michigan. Future Faculty Fellowship graduates are obligated, by a signed agreement, to remain in postsecondary faculty teaching or administration in a public or private, 2- or 4-year, in-state or out-of-state postsecondary institution for a minimum of three (3) years equivalent full-time. Fellows may also substitute up to one-third (1/3) of the 3 year full-time equivalency portion of teaching or administrative service credit with non-traditional service that has been pre- approved by the State of Michigan. Fellows who do not fulfill the teaching and/or other obligations of their fellowship agreement may be placed in default, which would result in the fellowship being converted into a loan (referred to as a KCP Loan) that the fellow repays to the State of Michigan..


To be eligible for the KCP Fellowship at MSU, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. be a U.S. citizen,
  2. be currently enrolled full-time in a doctoral program at MSU and have successfully completed comprehensive exams,
  3. have a doctoral guidance committee report on file with the Dean of the college for the academic degree,
  4. have the potential to broaden inclusiveness of college or university faculty in the social sciences, humanities, education or STEM fields,
  5. be an active participant in the MSU AGEP Learning Community.


The KCP-Future Faculty Fellowship award amount is $35,000 for a one-year period. MSU supplements the award with a health care allowance, one credit of tuition and fees for the Fall and Spring semesters, and one credit of tuition and fees for a Summer semester. Requests for additional credits will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


A KCP-Future Faculty Fellowship awardee at MSU agrees to:

  1. participate in an orientation for the fellowship and meet with the MSU KCP director, Pero Dagbovie, PhD, at least once per semester,
  2. complete a doctoral degree within two years of receiving the fellowship,
  3. complete a three year service obligation that can be met by a part- or full-time postsecondary teaching or administrative position (documented teaching assistantships count toward this obligation),
  4. obtain a part- or full-time faculty teaching or administrative position in a public or private two- or four-year postsecondary institution within or outside of Michigan within one year after obtaining the doctoral degree,
  5. submit an annual progress report until graduation,
  6. submit a paper to, and participate in, the annual “Fall AGEP Conference” at MSU until completion of degree,
  7. remain in the local (East Lansing) area while completing the doctoral degree. Exceptions may be made for those needing to move outside of the area for dissertation data collection.

While holding a KCP Future Faculty Fellowship, documented teaching verified by the KCP Initiative Office will apply toward the three-year full-time equivalent teaching agreement. This includes Teaching Assistantships as well as postsecondary teaching at two-year or four-year institutions. This Fellowship will be considered defaulted and a loan subject to repayment in full to the State of Michigan if the conditions for acceptance are not met.


KCP Application

2018-19 Application Deadline: February 23, 2018 

For additional information contact the Graduate School at 517-353-3220, Dr. Pero Dagbovie at or Deanne Hubbell at