August F. Frey and Ernest J. Frey Research Fund

This endowed award recognizes excellent Michigan State University graduate student research that contributes to knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry, or chemical engineering.  The funds should be used to enhance a research project. For example, additional training for a needed research technique, the purchase of equipment or software necessary for the specific project, travel to present research findings or support for other modes of dissemination of the research.  The award will be made in the form of a fellowship.

The Graduate School rotates the funds through Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, and Chemistry. Each department may determine their own selection process. Chemistry will receive the funds in 2023-24.  


Graduate students must:

  • be working at the doctoral level in one of the specified fields (chemistry, biochemistry, or chemical engineering);  
  • have passed their comprehensive exams; and
  • be enrolled at MSU in spring or summer.
Funding Amount: 
Determined by awarding department
Semester Due: 
Determined by awarding department