COGS Disciplinary Leadership Award

In 2010, the MSU Council of Graduate Students (COGS) established an endowment to recognize disciplinary leadership by graduate and grad-professional students.

Eligibility and description of the program: Graduate students regularly (not provisional or lifelong) enrolled in a graduate or grad-professional program (not a certificate program only) at MSU and who are in good standing in their programs may apply. Faculty or others are encouraged to nominate a graduate student. Students must be enrolled for the minimum credits to be in full-time status or provide a justification for less than full-time status. 

Consideration will be given to students who have clearly demonstrated leadership in their respective disciplines and/or professional societies at the local, state, regional, national, or international levels while a student at MSU. Examples include: an award from the disciplinary or professional society, invited participation in a panel, presentation or poster session at a disciplinary society meeting, service or leadership on a disciplinary society committee, or leadership role in a nationally-recognized graduate student organization linked to or sponsored by a disciplinary society. This award is not for leadership on MSU committees or governance bodies, even though those are important contributions.

Awards will be provided as an MSU fellowship. COGS prefers that the award is used to further the leadership skill development of the awardee. The number of awards will depend on the funds available and the pool of candidates. MSU must follow federal awarding rules.

NOTE: If you have federal aid, including loans, a fellowship award may result in a reduction of your federal loans. However, this is a benefit in that you will need to repay less after graduation. Accepting this award may affect any federal loans that you have.

A committee consisting of a representatives from the Graduate School and 3 members of the COGS membership at large will review applications. The committee will select 3-5 candidates and forward to the Dean of the Graduate School who will make the final decision. The Dean may also consider any remaining candidates in the pool.

2018-19 Application Process

Please complete the application form and send the application and required documents to the Graduate School. Applications are due electronically only by email to: by December 13, 2018.

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