New Graduate Teaching Assistant Institute


August 20, 2020 - 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM


All new graduate teaching assistants


Registration is required.


Virtual - with a combination of modules, synchronous and asynchronous delivery


New Graduate Teaching assistants will engage with information necessary to successfully start teaching undergraduate students.

Learning Outcomes:

New GTAs will be able to:

  • Identify key values in teaching undergraduates to be successful in their classes.
  • Articulate challenges undergraduate students face and how to address these.
  • Discuss strategies to successfully run their classroom, their recitation sessions, their work as graders or homeroom tutors.
  • Provide procedures to address policy related issues in their individual roles as GTAs.
  • Find solutions to student scenarios they may encounter in their GTA role.

August 20, 2020 Morning

    1. Welcome to MSU! (10:00 AM – 10:15 AM)
      1. Welcome Video by Dean Thomas Jeitschko (later uploaded to D2L)
      2. Value of Teaching & Values in Teaching by Stefanie Baier (Live/synchronous) (Introductory Module will also be available on D2L)
    2. Promoting Undergraduate Student Success (10:15 AM – 10:35 AM)

      Learning Outcomes:
      New GTAs will be able to:

      • identify obstacles to undergraduate student success
      • discuss strategies to promote student success as they apply to case studies/real teaching scenarios
      1. Pre-Completion Module on D2L: Introduction to factors impacting UG Student Success
      2. Breakout Room Discussion about addressing these (synchronous)

      Transition/Break: 5 min

    3. Undergraduate Learning Goals (Analytical Thinking, Cultural Understanding, Effective Citizenship, Effective Communication and Integrated Reasoning) (10:40 AM – 11:00 AM)

      Learning Outcomes:
      New GTAs will be able to:

      • describe undergraduate learning goals
      • discuss how these goals can be applied in teaching of/working with undergraduate students
      1. Pre-Completion Module on D2L: Introduction to Undergraduate Learning Goals
      2. Breakout Room/Discussion about applying these (synchronous)

      Transition/Break: 5 min

    4. Workshops to Get You Started as a GTA (11:05 AM – 11:50 AM)
      1. Planning for Instruction and First Day of Class
        (suggested for Section Lead, Recitation Leaders, anyone interested)

        Learning Outcomes:
        New GTAs will be able to:

        • articulate questions and concerns about teaching and interacting for the first time in an instructional setting.
        • make a plan/outline for their first day of class/recitation/tutoring session.
        1. Pre-Completion Module on D2L
          (Learning Outcomes, Transparency in Teaching and Learning)
        2. Workshop providing guidelines/tips/tricks/plan (synchronous)
      2. Successful Communication and Healthy Boundaries When Working with Undergraduates (synchronous)
        (suggested for any role as Graduate Teaching Assistant)

        Learning Outcomes:
        New GTAs will be able to:

        • distinguish between their role as a student, peer, and instructor.
        • use principles and guidelines for effective communication with undergraduate students in an instructional setting.
        • articulate healthy boundaries to a successful GTA – UG student relationship.
        1. Pre-Completion Module on D2L
        2. Workshop providing guidelines/tips/tricks/plan
    5. Wrap-Up and announcement of Lunch Social Sessions (11:50 AM – 11:55 AM)

      Transition/Break: 5 min

    6. We connect with other GTAs, Graduate Students and Build Community! (synchronous)(12:00 PM – 12:50 PM)
      1. COGS
      2. GEU
      3. International Student Organization
      4. AGEP

Transition/Break: 10 min

August 20, 2020 Afternoon

  1. Policy Training with Policy/Program Leaders (1:00 PM – 2:20 PM)

    Learning Outcomes for Policies (may be slightly different depending on policy):
    New GTAs will be able to:

    • summarize the teaching and learning policy.
    • identify strategies for effectively implementing the policy into your teaching practice.
    • describe the responsibilities of you in your role as GTA as it relates to the policy.
    • discuss how you can lead, empower, advocate, and design as related to the policy.

    Policies covered:

    • Academic Honesty/FERPA (Ombuds Office)
    • Accessibility/Accommodation -VISAS, etc. (RCPD/Accessibility Office)
    • Title IX, RSVM (Prevention, Outreach Education)
    • Mental Health for yourself/your students – Reporting (CAP/Graduate School Wellness)
    1. Pre-Completion Module on D2L

      • Video – What does each Office provide (should be available from Resource Fair Video the Graduate School is providing or NSO
      • LEAD (Policy) reviewed/read
      • 1 SPARE (Scenario to be completed)
      • Completion by answering three questions
    2. Putting Policy into Practice (synchronous discussion)
      (Each policy leader moves to a new room after 20 minutes; New GTAs will be assigned to Zoom Rooms in advance to participate in all policy discussions)
      Each session lasts 15-20 minutes with 1-2 minutes for policy leader to transition to next group.
  2. Wrap up, Announcements and Assessment Survey (2:20 PM - 2:30 PM)