At Michigan State University, we are committed to the professional development of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at postsecondary instructors. Specifically, we provide resources and training for graduate students and postdocs who are:

  • teaching while they are studying and working at Michigan State (e.g., as TAs or instructors);
  • seeking to teach after leaving Michigan State (e.g., as a tenure-system, fixed-term or adjunct faculty member); and/or
  • choosing not to pursue a job in the academy but want to translate their teaching skills into corporate, non-profit, or policy sectors.

The Teaching Assistant & Certification in College Teaching Programs, as well as a series of year-long teaching fellowship programs are just some of the resources we have to support your development as a postsecondary instructor. Additionally, we have resources and hold workshops to help you prepare for your careers after Michigan State.