Scholarship of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning (SUTL)


The MSU SUTL Fellows program is a collaboration between the Lyman Briggs College and the MSU Graduate School. Its primary goals are to provide a diverse group of graduate students committed to undergraduate education with:

  • experience conducting mentored research on undergraduate teaching and learning;
  • familiarity with contemporary instruction and assessment techniques; and
  • professional and career development opportunities related to undergraduate education.

Meeting these goals will result in Fellows who can make meaningful contributions to undergraduate education as practitioners of contemporary scholarly pedagogical methods, as well as contribute to scholarship related to undergraduate teaching and learning.

SUTL Fellows and Mentors

2018-2019: SUTL Fellows and Mentors at their year-start event August 2018. From left to right: Rob Pennock, Reid Blanchett, Ted Van Alst, Jim Smith, Sam Cass, Robyn Bluhm, Merve Kursav, Caitlin Kirby, Ryan Sweeder, Cassie Dresser-Briggs, Sunghwan Byun, Shahnaz Masani, Isaac Record, Alison Singer, Stephen Vrla, Nicole Lehpamer, Peter White. Not pictured: Dan Menchik

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Peter White
LBC SUTL Fellows Director