Ashley McPeek & Dilavar Goyal

The Graduate School is happy to welcome Ashley McPeek and Dilavar Goyal to the Graduate Career Services team as graduate career advisors. Ashley and Dilavar are here to help advise graduate students on topics related to professional development, including developing resumes and cover letters, performing mock interviews, exploring careers, and more. Set up an appointment at

Learn more about these advisors below:

A headshot of Ashley McPeek

Ashley McPeek

Ashley McPeek is a 4th year doctoral candidate studying Exercise Physiology. Her research focuses on cardiovascular disease risk in special populations. Ashley earned her bachelor’s degree in education from Monmouth University and her master’s degree in Human and Applied Physiology from King’s College London.

Ashley has worked in education, clinical and non-profit sectors before pursuing her PhD at Michigan State and is excited to learn more about academic administration and career services through this GA position. She hopes to offer career insight to fellow graduate students about options outside of academia. In her free time, Ashley loves to spend time with her partner, Mike and their dog Otis, exploring Michigan parks! 

“I aim to be a resource, guide, friend, listening board and supporter for all the graduate students at Michigan State as we embark on the post-graduation chapter. Through one-on-one meetings—virtual or in-person—and larger workshops, I hope to provide insight into different career paths and requirements and then develop plans together to achieve your goals. I will be more than happy to help you with resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and/or general career support, including industry and academia roles.”

A headshot of Dilavar Goyal

Dilavar Goyal

Dilavar Goyal is a 2nd year Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) student in the Broad College of Business. He earned an undergraduate degree in engineering in India and worked in the oil and gas industry for 7 years, focusing on process development and supply chain optimization.

Dilavar is an active member of International Students Association (ISA) at MSU and participates in multiple volunteering roles on campus. He is the executive board member of Council of Graduate Students (COGS) at MSU. Awarded as an MBA peer leader by the Broad College of Business, Dilavar is passionate about helping MSU students in their career development. Outside work and school, he loves cooking innovative vegetarian dishes and travelling to serene untouched places.

“I strive be a useful resource for the entire graduate community at MSU by empowering them with the best resources available in the easiest manner possible to decide, pursue and achieve the success they wish in their career. Helping students move the roadblocks, I plan to engage with them to find the opportunities and then carve a path accordingly. Whenever students plan to meet me, they can be expressive, candid, and confident to request a resume review, cover letter formats, mock interview, or general career guidance. There are no wrong or stupid questions, and I will try to answer their questions or find out an answer if I do not have it."