Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Teaching (IIT) Fellowship Program Applications Due 4/9/16

The primary goal of the IIT Fellowship Program is to broaden and enrich the professional development experience of a diverse group of graduate students by placing them within an environment, James Madison College, with an established tradition in excellence in undergraduate teaching. Students selected for this full-year program will work closely with faculty at James Madison to engage in structured discussions on pedagogy and practice and on course design and curriculum development. Fellows will be mentored in reflecting on their own teaching experiences in a systematic way in light of these discussions. In addition, fellows will have an opportunity to work with core faculty to investigate questions concerning the intellectual coherence and viability of interdisciplinary teaching and learning. In this latter work, they will have opportunities for general interactions with undergraduates.

Click here to get to website and the Call for Applications. Applications are due April 9, 2016.