Graduate Student Funding for Travel/Events Canceled Due to COVID-19

For Financial Hardship and Unanticipated Costs (travel and other costs)

Funds from the Graduate School are available for graduate students whose travel was canceled due to COVID-19. These funds are available to cover non-refundable costs (airline fees, conference registration fees, hotel fees, insurance, etc.). This funding is only for graduate students pursuing a degree program. Student must be registered in the semester that the funding is awarded.

Please download the form, complete it and obtain electronic signatures. Then return the form and receipts/documentation via email to

If you are requesting funds for a canceled conference, please make sure you attached the conference cancellation notice as well as your receipts. We will not reimburse students for conference registration fees if the conference is refunding the fees.  If the conference is allowing registered participants to attend a future conference and you are requesting a refund, please state why you would be unable to attend the conference in the future.

Graduate students can also use this form to request funds to cover non-travel coronavirus expenses.

Application Form (PDF)

Additionally, the Council of Graduate Students is offering Technology Asistantce awards.  COGS is hoping to help defray the costs of technology upgrades needed to complete coursework/research remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  COGS has designated a limited amount of funds to offer one-time reimbursement awards of up to $50.00 to Graduate & Professional students. To apply, go to the COGS website: