The Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit. An intensive one-day conference. Building the foundation of your leadership development connecting with other graduate student leaders.

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Leadership is an essential competency expected by all employers and held in high acclaim. Institutions of higher education, corporations, agencies, professional organizations, and other employers are actively seeking advanced degree holders with strong, demonstrable leadership and management skills. However, the development of leadership is often neglected by most graduate students as they face the many challenges of graduate school. The goal of the Leadership Summit is to rectify this problem and empower students to take a proactive approach to their leadership development so that they may make a difference in the classroom, community, university, and in the world.

The Leadership Summit is an intensive leadership conference held annually here at MSU in the fall. At the Summit, students have the chance to learn about leadership from proven leaders in a wide range of professional fields including higher education, government and business. Graduate students will learn how to develop and apply their leadership skills, knowledge, and abilities to all areas of their life. The Summit also provides students an introduction to the Leadership Institute and its philosphies, as well as other leadership opportunities within and external to the Graduate School.

Topics covered at past Summits include:

  • The ability to inspire action in others
  • Skills such as conflict resolution, supervision, and project management
  • The ability to create and follow you own personal leadership action plan
  • Social and emotional intelligence
  • Leading in context
  • Information about how to get involved in campus and community organizations immediately

Leadership Summit 2020

Saturday, October 31

The pandemic has rattled all of us, and one of the most universal impacts has been a comprehensive and distressing sense of isolation.  We are separated from each other and from physical spaces, separated from the things that we normally count on to sustain us.  This year’s Leadership Summit will focus on the theme of Connection: connecting to ourselves, to each other, to our work and to a sense of hope.  As leaders, we need to develop and sharpen all of the skills in our toolkit to keep ourselves meaningfully connected and to lead effectively in our spheres of influence.  The Summit will begin with an introductory session from 10-11am, and then a series of 4 workshops that will last an hour each.  We will end with a panel of graduate student leaders from 3-4:30pm.  You are invited to come to one session or all of the sessions:

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10:00-11:00am  Welcome and Plenary by Dr. Meg Moore

11:00-12:00pm  Leadership as Reinvention: Adapting in Times of Crisis by Dr. Pero Dagbovie

12:00-1:00pm  Tools for Building Emotional Resilience by Lisa Laughman

1:00-2:00pm  Skills for Navigating Imposter Syndrome in the Context of Leadership by Drs. Olivia Scott and Yvonne Connelly

2:00-3:00pm  Methodology as a Lifestyle Choice; Reflections on Research Practices Inside and Outside the Academy by Dr. Vivek Vellanki

3:00-4:30pm  Panel of Graduate Student Leaders sharing their experiences

Click here for more details about each session as well as speaker bios. 

A few moments from past Leadership Summits

at the leadership summit

Dr. Matt Helm, previous Director of Graduate Student Life & Wellness presenting at the Leadership Summit

GSLW Staff team at the leadership summit

Graduate Student Life & Wellness staff

Leadership Panel in discussion

Leadership panel in discussion