The Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy. Eight-week cohort-style development experience. Learning & implementing leadership theory in a group-based, short-term format

Leadership Academy 2019-2020, Speaker Tim Herd

What is the Leadership Academy?

The Academy is an intensive cohort-based developmental experience that happens every spring semester. The vision of the Academy is to create a learning community of engaged scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds who will apply theories and principles of leadership to their current contexts and beyond.

Participants will begin by identifying their own strengths and growth areas as leaders. They will attend professional development workshops, engaging with advanced leadership concepts through discussions with leaders on campus and in the community.  Participants will work on teams that will design and execute leadership development projects. Projects in the past have focused on improving or creating Graduate Student Organizations, organizing service projects, researching leadership development opportunities on campus, and working to overcome personal barriers to leadership. (Picture: Speaker Tim Herd facilitating a session at the 2019-2020 Leadership Academy).

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When is the Leadership Academy?

The Academy will begin with a mandatory virtual retreat on Saturday, January 9, 2020. The Academy will meet on Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm starting on January 14 and ending on February 25, with a final session on Thursday, March 11.  Format for all meetings will most likely be virtual due to COVID-19. Participants need to be able to attend each session. However accommodations can be made if no more than one session is missed, not including the retreat. The application is closed for 2020. 

The professional development workshops are open to any and all graduate/professional students or postdocs regardless of their affiliation with the Academy.  Topics are listed below:

January 14th“Leadership Theory” facilitated by Dr. Meg Moore and the Institute Team

January 21st“Emotional Intelligence” facilitated by Dr. Lew Dotterer  

January 28th“Successfully Leading Teams and Skills for Conflict Resolution” facilitated by Dr. Adrian Blow

February 4th“Motivating and Inspiring Others; Failure and Resilience” facilitated by Tracy Melvin

February 11th“Getting the Most out of Mentorships” facilitated by Maria Rising

February 18th“Practical Skills of Leadership” facilitator TBD

February 25th“Fostering Inclusive Environments and Intercultural Appreciation in a Globalized World” facilitated by the MSU Dialogues program

Click here to register for the individual Academy workshops.  Workshops are listed on the grad school calendar on their respective Thursday evenings:

Questions can be directed to Leadership Institute Coordinators: Tracy Melvin at and Ronald Asiimwe at