Administrator Exchange from Spelman University

Dr. Mark Lee from Spelman University has joined the Graduate School's staff in January 2018 as part of an administrator exchange with Spelman College. He is also an adjunct professor at MSU in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Dr. Lee is an Associate Professor of Biology at Spelman College and was Chair of the Biology Department from 2009-2016.

Dr. Lee was introduced to MSU by Dr. Julius Jackson, former Associate Dean in the Graduate School. He will help the Graduate School with their strategic planning process and institutional partnership. The goal of the institutional partnership is to increase applications from Spelman to MSU graduate programs.

In his first week at the Graduate School, Dr. Lee attended an AGEP Community Meeting and was excited to meet with students.

In his free time, Dr. Lee enjoys photography and biking. He is eager for the weather to cooperate so he can bike around campus.