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We need your support to ensure the success and wellbeing of our most vulnerable graduate students, who are experiencing financial hardship. Give to the Graduate Student Emergency Fund today.

Graduate students' success and wellbeing is oftentimes related to their financial security. It is not uncommon for graduate students to face financial challenges during their time at MSU. Compounding this, during the COVID-19 pandemic, more graduate students than usual have faced a range of financial difficulties.

MSU is home to about 11,000 graduate students, who represent the next generation of groundbreaking scholars, scientists, veterinarians, lawyers, doctors, and educators. The contributions of Graduate Teaching Assistants on campus impact the education of MSU undergraduates; and their research contributions fuel the landmark work that makes MSU a leading public research university.

A host of circumstances that graduate students face lead them to apply for emergency funding from the Graduate School, including (but not limited to):

  • Support for tuition stipends, research and vital study materials
  • Emergencies involving children and other immediate family members
  • Essential physical and mental health related expenses
  • Travel home/abroad for international students or relocation to a safe environment
  • Sudden/unforeseen loss of employment

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