Balancing Two Careers: Partners with PhDs Inside and Outside the Academy

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:50pm
110 Chittenden Hall

Doctoral programs are the first stage in a long professional career; preparing for that career requires not just disciplinary training, but also the development of a range of skills necessary to adapt to professional and personal changes. That becomes even more complicated when you are planning a career together with a partner, and you face not only the demands of graduate school, but choices about career trajectories, options, and opportunities. Whose job opportunities will take priority at a given moment? How do you negotiate options for two people that will complement each person’s training and expertise?

This workshop will feature a panel of partners that have navigated these challenges and opportunities. They will talk candidly about the choices they have made in conducting job searches, considering career choices and decisions, and balancing family and career. How do you achieve a workable balance between your personal and professional life? How do working professional deal productively with setbacks, life changes, and competing priorities? What kind of planning can you do now to avoid emotional, physical, and financial burnout? What does it take to develop a sustainable career in graduate school and beyond? What questions should you be asking employers and each other as you plan for your short and long term futures?

Registration for this workshop is required. Registration will open on 1/1/18.