TA Tuition Pool

Application for Additional Tuition Credits 2020-21 for MSU TAs
(Due on June 26, 2020 for Fall 2020)


Applicants must be appointed as a TA for the semester in which the credits are requested.

Application Process:

  1. Complete the application, observing the following deadlines…
    * for Fall 2020 credits: June 26, 2020
  2. Each semester requires a separate application by the appropriate deadline. Applications are processed only for credits for the upcoming semester.
  3. These awards are for credits in excess of the 9 credits already waived for a Fall or Spring appointment and 5 credits in Summer.
  4. The maximum award per semester per TA will be 3 credits in Fall OR Spring, and a maximum of 1 credit for Summer.
  5. If you have other awards that cover tuition, please use those awards completely, before applying to this (limited) program.
  6. Incomplete applications will not be considered. A confirmatory signature from faculty or other graduate program person is required for a complete application.

Screening Process:

A GEU committee will screen applicants and group into the one of the priority categories below.

Priority categories for granting additional credits (in order):

  1. the applicant did not receive credits in the previous semester,
  2. the course is required in the semester requested,
  3. the course is required with a student preference to take it in the semester requested,
  4. the application is for 899 or 999 credits,
  5. the course identified for credits is not for the official graduate program, but for the purpose of eliminating a specific academic deficiency (i.e. Prerequisite).

      After the evaluation of all qualified applications against the priority categories, the final selection of TAs to be awarded additional tuition credits from this pool will be by lottery, in priority order above, until the credits are expended.

Course Withdrawal:

Credits awarded and then dropped will not be available to be re-assigned to another TA.

Processing of awarded credits:

  1. The tuition credit award is made directly to the student’s tuition bill. This tuition award is neither a fellowship nor a cash award.  Receiving an award may affect your federal financial aid amount.
  2. The waiver will cover the cost of an MSU standard in-state credit(s), not premium fees. Accepting this award may affect any federal loans that you have.
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