Responsible Conduct of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities


The Graduate School requirement of graduate students for Responsible Conduct of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (RCRSCA) education includes (i) on-line training modules (CITI) and (ii) a series of in-person, discussion-based workshops. These workshops allow questions/issues/concerns that may have been raised while completing the required CITI modules to be addressed, and they reinforce important points introduced in the modules. Moreover, these sessions serve to develop a culture of responsible conduct and fulfill the face-to-face hours and content required by federal funding agencies (e.g., NIH and NSF).

Workshop Series Coordinators

Dr. Greg Swain, 517-353-1090,


Topics for 2023-2024 RCRSCA Workshops

Discussions will be based around a main presentation given by Dr. Greg Swain, or by other individuals from key units across campus. The purpose for these workshops is to help students better understand about the importance of responsible conduct, learn about proper research and creative activity practices, and connect to important regulatory and information offices across the MSU campus. Each topic, as listed below, is paralleled by a CITI lesson such that a student could pair an online module with a discussion session.

All workshops will be conducted virtually at the designated time, 6:00-7:30 pm. Zoom link information will be provided to registrants.

All workshop slides and other materials can be found in Ability as “Class Documents” under each workshop/course.

Ethics in Research and Creative Activity, and Effective Mentoring (RCR-1200-ILTVC), September 12, 2023

Case Studies in Mentoring (1 h), September 26, 2023

Authorship, Plagiarism and Peer Review (RCR-4195-ILTVC), October 10, 2023

Case Studies in Authorship and Plagiarism (1 h), October 24, 2023

Detrimental Research Practices, Teamwork and Conflict Resolution (RCR-3647-ILTVC), November 14, 2023

Data and Data Management and Recordkeeping (RCR-1980-ILTVC), December 12, 2023

Research Misconduct and Reporting (RCR-3390-ILTVC), January 9, 2024

Research Collaborations and Student Conflicts of Interest, January 30, 2024

Animal Subjects and Animal Use Protocols (RCR-3392-ILTVC), February 13, 2024

Human Subjects and Human Use Protocols (RCR-3391-ILTVC), March 12, 2024

Rigor and Reproducibility in Research (RCR-3393-ILTVC), April 2, 2024

Non-Disclosure Agreements, Intellectual Property and Export Controls (RCR-3648-ILTVC), April 23, 2024

Possible Options for Annual Refresher RCR Education

The Center for Statistical Training and Consultation (CSTAT) at MSU offers seminars and workshops regularly (at least once each semester) that can fulfill Annual Refresher RCR Education requirements. Details on the workshops and other events can be found at Example workshops include:

  1. Ten Simple Rules for Reproducibility
  2. Initial Data Analysis
  3. Writing High Impact Papers
  4. CSTAT Data Management Workshop