STEAMpower Fellows

Current Graduate Students

Are you interested in linking arts, humanities, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)? Would you like to collaborate with other graduate students across disciplines and work with MSU’s many artists-in-residence as well as scientists? Consider applying for a one-semester fellowship with MSU’s STEAMpower project. 

This opportunity is open to doctoral or MFA students in any discipline with a demonstrated interested in the intersections between STEM, humanities, and arts. The program is designed around MSU’s new STEM Teaching & Learning Facility and the MSU Arts Strategy.  

 What is involved: 

  • Attend an orientation session to be scheduled near the beginning of the funded semester. 
  • Attend a mid-semester check-in meeting and periodic workshops. 
  • Be present in the space once a week for the duration of the year - typically to coincide with artists- and scientists-in-residence. 
  • Engage in dialogues with artists and scientists about their process and progress. 
  • Create a deliverable on an art/science/culture project of your own design. 
  • Present your deliverable to the MSU community at the end of the academic year in whatever format makes sense to you! 
  • Collaborate with STEAMpower Fellows to develop one or more teaching-related products considering how interdisciplinarity impacts your practice. Products can look like many things, including reflections, classroom activities, curriculum, or public engagements (i.e. workshops, outreach, communications, etc.).

What you get: 

  • An opportunity to interact with other STEAMpower fellows, scientists, and artists on interdisciplinary topics. 
  • Experience applying your disciplinary knowledge and approaches in novel ways. 
  • Practice in the transferable skills of communication, collaboration, and interdisciplinarity while working on your own project with interdisciplinary scholars. 
  • The ability to better understand and talk about the value of working across disciplinary boundaries. 
  • Ability to think about your pedagogical approach in interdisciplinary ways. 
  • A $3,000 fellowship partially disbursed after each semester that you consistently attend weekly STEAMpower activities and produce the deliverables mentioned above.

Who is eligible: 

  • Graduate students in any field who have completed at least their first year, and who can commit to the program in the fall and spring semester. 

Application and selection process: 

To apply, please complete this short application by August 25th, 2022. For questions, please contact Stephen Thomas, Assistant Dean for STEM Education and Learning,