STEAMpower Faculty/Staff Fellows


Faculty & Academic Staff

The new STEM Teaching & Learning Facility is offering a unique opportunity for faculty and staff to learn and work together to build interdisciplinary collaborations across arts, humanities, and STEM.

We seek four staff or faculty in any discipline (arts, sciences, social sciences, etc.) with a demonstrated interest in the intersections between STEM, humanities, and arts. Faculty/Staff Fellows will interact with other STEAMpower Faculty/Staff Fellows and Graduate Students as well as artists-in-residence from across MSU; create a deliverable on an art/science/culture project of their own design; and develop a curriculum that bridges the STEM-Arts divide. Fellows are also expected to present their work at an end of year symposium. Funds up to $10,000 are available per Fellow. The fellowship will run from Fall 2022 through Spring 2023. Application is live and available here - deadline is Aug. 25, 2022. Application questions are provided below for your convenience.

STEAMpower Faculty/Staff Fellows:

Statement of availability: I have discussed this opportunity with my supervisor, as needed, AND am eligible to receive overload pay, course buyout, or similar types of compensation.

  1. Why are you interested in becoming a STEAMpower Faculty/Staff Fellow? 250 words
  2. Describe what you believe you will get out of working with an interdisciplinary team on Arts-STEM interaction. 500 words
  3. What strengths or experiences in STEM, humanities, and/or arts intersections do you bring to this opportunity? 250 words
  4. In one sentence, describe what you believe will be most challenging for you in the role as a STEAMpower Faculty/Staff Fellow.