Nelson Mandela Museum/Michigan State University Museum Curatorial Fellowship Program

The primary goals of the NMMMSUMGC Fellowship Program are to provide opportunities for a diverse group of graduate students to prepare for work in the 21st-century university, museum, and professional arenas in which graduate students not only must master their discipline but also to situate their work in a global context and to become experienced in community-engaged research and teaching.

The NMMMSUMGC program is for graduate MSU students with interests in scholarly and teaching careers based in museums and/or universities. The program welcomes applicants from any college but the focus is on museum-based research and education related to cultural heritage. Fellows will be encouraged and supported to disseminate project results on websites, at conferences, and/or in peer-reviewed journals.

Each fellow will receive $16,000. Up to an additional $500 will be available to attend a cultural heritage conference in South Africa and up to an additional $1000 will be available to cover travel and conference registration costs to present the results of fellowship experience or work to a professional or academic meeting in the U.S. Applications must be submitted on or before Friday, February 19, 2016.

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