Graduate Teaching Assistant Workshop Facilitator

We are looking for Graduate Students who would like to serve as a Fellow to run a pedagogy workshop on August 21, 2020 (afternoon) for new Teaching Assistants most likely via Zoom. 

Below you can find the criteria for this position:


  • Completion of Teaching Certification Institute
  • Completion of one Pedagogy Course or a MOOC (e.g. CIRTL)
  • Teaching experience (2 semesters)
  • Service to home department
  • Teaching as Research Project (may be in progress)

Responsibilities (10 hour commitment)

  • 5 hours commitment to TA training Institute
  • 5 hours of prep work for pedagogy session and training including training material development and assessment of session
  • Preparation of a workshop relevant to GTAs including but not limited to Collaborative Learning, Engaged Learning, Backward Design, Student Learning Assessment (these should be designed and be relevant to students in different roles), Teaching with Technology, etc.

Pay: $250-300 depending on experience with opportunities for subsequent fellowships

Requirements/Application Materials:

To apply you will need to enter the following information into the provided Qualtrics Survey by April 26, 2020.

  • Complete hiring information
  • Write a proposal for a pedagogy session that includes two parts:
    • a brief summary (250 words) and
    • three outcomes (what you would like the participating TAs to learn)

Please complete the application by GTA Trainer Application

Preparation Workshops will be offered upon acceptance of your application. For any questions, please e-mail at or

Dr. Stefanie Baier 
Graduate School Curriculum Development Director in charge of GTA training