FS21 ETD Deadline Day - December 20

Plan A Master’s and Ph.D. students who plan to graduate Fall Semester 2021

The deadline for FINAL APPROVAL of an electronic Thesis or Dissertation by the Graduate School is Monday, December 20, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. To accept a document for publishing on or before the deadline means that the student’s document has been reviewed by a graduate school employee, the document has been determined to be formatted correctly AND all required paperwork has been turned in to the Graduate School PRIOR TO the deadline date and time. Deadline day is not just the day that the document is to be submitted via ProQuest for the first time. It is the day where all the requirements must be completed. Chances are, if a document is submitted on deadline day for the first time, the document will most likely be accepted for Spring graduation instead of Fall.

  • Students are encouraged to submit their document at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline (the earlier the better). We highly recommend students submit their document to ProQuest for the first time no later than Monday, December 13, 2021. If a document is submitted after December 13th, we will review it as the workload allows. Please note that submitting after December 13 means you may not be a Fall graduate.
  • Students are highly encouraged to read and follow the Thesis and Dissertation information available on the Graduate School’s website at: https://grad.msu.edu/etd. This site gives instructions on formatting, required paperwork, and how to submit to ProQuest. As long as the student has successfully defended the thesis or dissertation and has made the corrections that the committee requires, the student may feel free to submit the document via the ProQuest website.
  • For Masters and Ph.D. students: The student’s GradPlan (at student.msu.edu) should be official and be as complete as possible prior to submitting to ProQuest--Annual Research Overview completed, committee formed (if needed), course plan completed, and annual reviews updated. Departments should ensure that the students’ degree audits are complete as possible and all milestones (except for GDISSERT or GTHESIS) are complete. The Graduate School will complete the GDISSERT and GTHESIS milestones once the correctly formatted document has been delivered to ProQuest.

Questions? Please contact Bonnie Wigman in the Graduate School 

Main phone: 517-353-3220

Direct Phone: 517-355-0302

E-Mail: wigman@msu.edu