Cheeky Scientist Seminar: 63 Best Careers for Ph.Ds.


Graduate Students, Postdocs

White and orange text over a dark blue background. Text reads, "63 Best Careers for PhDs: Seminar with Isaiah Hankel, PhD. In this seminar attendees will gain a thorough understanding of their industry career options. This seminar will be customized to the background of the PhDs who are attending. Understanding which industry positions are on the rise will help attendees see what's available to them outside of traditional tracks. Attendees will gain insights into trending industry positions.
Date: 4/05/23
Time: 10am-noon

Location: 1425 Biomedical Physical Sciences

Cheeky Scientist is a platform that provides information, resources, and tools to STEM graduate students and postdocs who are industry-curious or seeking to transition to career paths beyond academia. This seminar will discuss the "63 Best Careers for Ph.Ds." and is open to all graduate students and post-docs in STEM. Based on feedback from universities who have hosted Cheeky Scientist events previously, we anticipate this to be a highly engaging and valuable event. 

We ask that those wishing to attend please register at this link  or at the QR code in the flyer, as Cheeky Scientist will be giving away FREE copies of Isaiah Hankel's book "The Power of a PhD" to all attendees and will need an estimated headcount.