International Academic Records From Select Countries/Regions

Review the list below for the international transcript guidelines that apply to your specific country, region or education system.

Transcripts not issued in English must be provided in the original language along with an English translation.

Departmental Checklist for International Graduate Admissions (PDF)

Requesting and sending int’l academic records

Applicants must make every effort to request official, hardcopies of ALL postsecondary transcripts, certificates, and diplomas earned. It is recommended that applicants call or go in-person, or have friends/relatives do this, to find out if indeed academic records can be prepared and placed in an official, sealed, institution envelope. Applicant may also contact Education USA in their country of study for assistance. Once finalized, the higher education institution or friends/relatives may mail the official, sealed, envelope (unopened), directly to MSU.

In limited cases, electronic records may be sent from appropriate sources* as well as used for verification. Electronic records may be acceptable if a university is closed or does not prepare hardcopy records. Applicants should work with their graduate departments for assistance.

*Directly from a higher education institution or an appropriate credential transmission channel.