Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week

Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week 2021

April 5-9, 2021

For Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week, the Graduate School wants to express our great appreciation for all that you contribute to the Spartan Community and to MSU!

This past year has been exceptionally hard in both our professional and personal lives. For Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week, I want to let you know how deeply we appreciate all your efforts to persevere and advance in your professional development. We are amazed by how you continue contributing to the MSU community—be it through teaching, research, outreach, and by being a mentor and colleague to others. We have great respect for you, as you are making tremendous investments in your education and professional training, all with the goal to go out and make a real difference in the world in your chosen professions, careers and callings. I hope that this Spring will bring a welcome transformation and renewal for you as we gradually move to a more normal world. Please take some time for yourself and those close to you!

Thomas D. Jeitschko
Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Provost for Graduate Education

2021 GPSAW Activities

  • $50 fellowships! The Graduate School will award $50 fellowships to 25 graduate or professional students who are enrolled Spring 2021—just for being you. Winners will be drawn randomly from a complete list of these students and will be notified through their MSU email. Winners who give permission will be announced publicly on this page and via our social media by Friday, April 9. Click here to see the winners this year.

  • Thank A Grad Student: Submit a thank you note to recognize the amazing graduate and professional students in your life. Each student thanked through this form will be entered in a drawing for a wellness kit to be mailed to them from The Graduate School’s Office of Graduate Life & Wellness. Students who give permission will also have their thank you notes posted to our 2021 recognition page.

  • Daily Study Breaks: Every day from 3:00-3:30 pm Eastern, The Graduate School will host a fun study break via Zoom:

    • Monday, April 5: Trivia

    • Tuesday, April 6: Dance Party! Optional practice ahead of timevia YouTube.

    • Wednesday, April 7: Bake your cake, and eat it too!Bake a strawberry pound cake.

    • Thursday, April 8: Pet Party! Show off your pet and meet other animals.

    Join us at Passcode: Appreciate.

  • Digital Celebration Kit: Want to showcase your appreciation for grad & professional students? With the help of graduate fellow Johanna Murray (master’s student in Health & Risk Communication), The Graduate School has created a digital Celebration Kit for GPSAW 2021. The kit contains announcement images, fact cards, and Zoom backgrounds for use by anyone in the MSU community.

  • Interactive Postcards: You make us jump for joy! The Graduate School mailed an appreciation postcard to every graduate and professional student that can also be folded into a jumping frog. We hope it brings you a bit of joy and renewal in this season.

    origami frog

  • list of Council of Graduate Students events for Grad and professional students appreciate week. text below.

    COGS Social Media Study Breaks: MSU’s Council of Graduate Students (COGS)will host study breaks on their social media accounts. Answer the daily question to get entered for a prize drawing!

    • Monday, April 5: What are your self-care and stress relief strategies?

    • Tuesday, April 6: Brag about your friends? Tell us about a peer in your in your program who is an outstanding scholar, teacher, mentor, or advocate

    • Wednesday, April 7: How do you stay energized and excited about research, teaching, or classes?

    • Thursday, April 8: Tell us about your hobbies and extracurriculars!

    • Friday, April 9: Big or small, what is something are you proud of accomplishing during the pandemic?